BASF’s Segments


Segment Chemicals (photo)

The Chemicals segment comprises our business with basic chemicals and intermediates. Its portfolio ranges from solvents, plasticizers and high-volume monomers to glues and electronic chemicals as well as raw materials for detergents, plastics, textile fibers, paints and coatings, crop protection and medicines. In addition to supplying customers in the chemical industry and numerous other sectors, we also ensure that other BASF segments are supplied with chemicals for producing downstream products.

Performance Products

Segment Performance Products (photo)

Our Performance Products lend stability, color and better application properties to many everyday products. Our product portfolio includes vitamins and other food additives in addition to ingredients for pharmaceuticals, personal care and cosmetics, as well as hygiene and household products. Other products from this segment improve processes in the paper industry, in oil, gas and ore extraction, and in water treatment. They furthermore enhance the efficiency of fuels and lubricants, the effectiveness of adhesives and coatings, and the stability of plastics.

Functional Materials & Solutions

Segment Functional Materials & Solutions (photo)

In the Functional Materials & Solutions segment, we bundle system solutions, services and innovative products for specific sectors and customers, especially the automotive, electrical, chemical and construction industries, as well as for household applications and sports and leisure. Our portfolio comprises catalysts, battery materials, engineering plastics, polyurethane systems, automotive and industrial coatings and concrete admixtures as well as construction systems like tile adhesives and decorative paints.

Agricultural Solutions

Segment Agricultural Solutions (photo)

The Agricultural Solutions segment provides innovative solutions in the areas of chemical and biological crop protection, seed treatment and water management as well as solutions for nutrient supply and plant stress. Our research in plant biotechnology concentrates on plants for greater efficiency in agriculture, better nutrition, and use as renewable raw materials.

Oil & Gas

Segment Oil & Gas (photo)

We focus on exploration and production in oil and gas-rich regions in Europe, North Africa, Russia, South America and the Middle East. In Europe, together with our Russian partner Gazprom, we are also active in the transport of natural gas.