Last Update: 03/11/2010
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Part of the audited Consolidated Financial Statements and Management´s Analysis

Research and development

  • Product innovation: focused on customers’ needs and sustainable market trends
  • Close cooperation with innovation leaders among our customers
  • Resources concentrated on developing new solutions for innovative and fast-growing markets
  • Further development and increasing the flexibility of our production technology and processes

Keropur gasoline additives range

Gasoline additives combined with technical expertise

Value for BASF            


preferred partner

for the development of innovative gasoline additives

Value for the environment


less CO2 emissions

for gasoline engines

Value for BASF

We are a global market leader with our Keropur gasoline additives range. This is not only because the additives help reduce an engine’s fuel consumption, for example – our expertise in this area is also of great importance to our customers. We have developed a special method to demonstrate how much gasoline is saved when an additive is used. This allows our customers to market their fuels more efficiently, with the help of our expertise.


Value for the environment

Keropur is also better for the environment. Our gasoline additive range with friction modifiers leads to a 2% reduction in CO2 emissions from gasoline engines.

The success of the Performance Products segment is driven by product innovations. We focus on the needs of our customers and sustainable market trends. For example, we developed friction modifiers as a new component of our Keropur® range of gasoline additives that help reduce an engine’s fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Our new detergent surfactant Lutensol® M also helps to save energy because it reaches its full cleaning potential even at washing temperatures below 30°C.

Close collaboration with innovation leaders among our customers is key for the development and successful market launch of new solutions. For instance, we worked intensively with our Belgian partner N.V. Recticel S.A., a leading polyurethane processor, on the development of the plastics additive Uvinul®  5080 H. This cooperation produced a plastic for use in dashboards which releases significantly less volatile substances than conventional materials.

Our resources to develop new solutions are concentrated on innovative, rapidly growing markets and applications in which we can set ourselves apart from competitors through exceptional expertise. Simultaneously, we pursue the further development and increase the flexibility of our production technologies and processes. This is particularly true for our vitamin production in the Care Chemicals division and our dispersions plants worldwide.

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