Last Update: 03/11/2010
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Part of the audited Consolidated Financial Statements and Management´s Analysis

Segment strategy

  • Specialties: innovation, close links to leading customer companies, expertise in applications and development
  • Standard products: efficient production structures in the Verbund, technology and cost leadership
  • Significantly strengthened position in the specialty market through the integration of Ciba

Specialties make up a major part of our product range. Key success factors are innovations, close relationships with leading companies in our customer industries as well as special expertise in applications and development. Our products create additional value for our customers, which allows them to stand out from their competitors. This is why we prefer to develop new solutions together with our customers and strive for long-term collaborations which create profitable growth opportunities for both sides.

We have a different business model for standard products, such as vitamins or dispersions for paper coatings. Here, efficient production structures within the BASF Verbund, capacity management as well as technology and cost leadership are crucial. We support our customers by being a reliable supplier with lean processes, consistent product quality and a good price/performance ratio.

A central element of the value-adding strategy is the active management of our business and product portfolio. We expand our share of innovative, cyclically resilient, and growth businesses through acquisitions and divestitures. With the acquisition of Ciba Holding AG in April 2009, we expanded and reorganized the Performance Products segment. We have significantly strengthened our position in certain specialty markets – in particular in plastic additives – and we are now market leader in several business areas.

One of the most important challenges facing the Performance Products segment is the restructuring and repositioning of the combined businesses in order to ensure they have a sustainable and profitable market position. To this end, we are defining and implementing new strategies and appropriate business models.

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Capital expenditures





Additional annual capacity through expansion (metric tons)

Total annual capacity (metric tons)


Ludwigshafen, Germany

Construction chelating agent





Expansion polyisobutene




Nanjing, China

Construction surfactants





Construction polyisobutene





Construction superabsorbent


to be determined

to be determined

Wyandotte, Michigan

Construction water-based resins




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