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Mar. 10, 2011

We create chemistry
6 examples

  • Sustainable coastal protection (photo)

    Sustainable coastal protection

    Elastocoast®, a composite of BASF specialty plastics and stone ballast, defends dikes against the force of waves. This offers long-lasting erosion protection for coastlines, benefiting humans and the environment.

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  • Eco-efficient diapers (photo)

    Eco-efficient diapers

    Resource conservation is a global challenge. BASF has developed an Eco-Efficiency Analysis to evaluate the sustainability of a product throughout its entire life cycle. Optimized products are awarded a label to show they have been evaluated by an Eco-Efficiency Analysis. Baby diapers are the first consumer product to carry this label. Customers and consumers can thus identify products that are more sustainable and take this into consideration when making their purchasing decisions.

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  • Beauty at any age (photo)

    Beauty at any age

    When it comes to cosmetics, every age has specific product requirements. This will lead to greater demand for new ingredients in the future. With the acquisition of Cognis, BASF is becoming the leading supplier of ingredients to the cosmetics industry. Our portfolio is not only now more diverse, it is also more cyclically robust.

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  • The fun of learning (photo)

    The fun of learning

    Knowledge is an important future resource and a motor for growth and innovation. We see investment in education as part of our social responsibility. We therefore offer Kids’ Labs in 17 countries and take part in projects that promote education and the fun of learning. In the growth market of Asia alone, over 14,000 children discovered the world of chemistry in our Kids’ Labs in 2010.

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  • Increasing crop yields (photo)

    Increasing crop yields

    Warm or cold weather often determine how well a harvest turns out. It is a problem for both farmers and consumers when crops do not produce the expected yield due to difficult environmental conditions. That is why BASF is working together with Monsanto on the development of stress-tolerant crops, such as corn (maize), that are more resistant to drought. This helps farmers to increase their crop yields and conserve water at the same time.

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  • The future of energy storage (photo)

    The future of energy storage

    Climate protection poses great challenges to future mobility. Electric cars with lithium-ion batteries could be a solution. BASF already offers materials which enable these batteries to store more energy. Together with partners from the fields of business and science, BASF is also conducting research on the next generation of batteries to ensure future mobility while protecting the environment.

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Management’s analysis

The BASF Group

Around 109,000 employees of the BASF Group work to make customers from nearly all sectors and almost every country in the world become more successful. Our portfolio ranges from oil and gas to chemicals, plastics and specialties such as crop protection products.

Global Economy

There was a dynamic recovery in the global economy in all regions in 2010 following the severe recession in the previous year. The strong upturn in the first half of the year was followed by weaker growth in the second half.

Business Review BASF Group

BASF achieved record sales and earnings in 2010. The chemicals business in particular benefited from the strong economic recovery in 2010, which was more dynamic than we had initially anticipated.


Profiles and business reviews of BASF’s six segments: Chemicals, Plastics, Performance Products, Functional Solutions, Agricultural Solutions and Oil & Gas

Regional Results

The regional results describe the development in the four regions: Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and South America, Africa, Middle East

Employees and Society

The best team in industry needs committed, performance-driven employees. We want to recruit and retain the best talent. We take on social responsibility: We are involved in diverse projects worldwide, primarily in the communities in which our sites are located.

Environment and Safety

The chapter environment and safety comprises the topics climate protection, energy and raw materials, water, environmental, security and safety management as well as product stewardship.

Risk Report

The goal of BASF’s risk management is to identify and evaluate risks as early as possible and limit business losses by taking appropriate measures.


The forecast covers the topics economic environment in 2011 as well as Group outlook and opportunities.
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