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Mar. 10, 2011
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Part of the audited Consolidated Financial Statements and Management´s Analysis

Global safety concepts

  • Protection of employees, neighbors, property, products, processes and information
  • More than 10,000 employees trained in occupational safety and process safety
  • New minimum requirements for site safety concepts introduced

Global safety and security concepts serve to protect our employees and neighbors as well as our property, products, processes and information. At the same time, we prevent production stoppages and environmental damage. For the planning of plants we use a five-step system of safety reviews to prevent the release of products, explosions and fires. It includes the most important aspects for environmental protection, safety, security and health protection – from design through to production. With the help of a risk matrix, we assess possible risks in BASF’s plants according to estimated probability and potential impact, using the information gained to develop appropriate protective measures. In 2010, more than 10,000 employees received additional training in occupational safety and process safety.

We investigate and compare incidents at all sites around the world in cases of fire, explosions or the release of substances. We aim to analyze common causes and improve processes in order to increase process safety.

With our emergency response concepts, we are prepared for potential incidents. In these, we create specific emergency response plans for our production facilities. Depending on the situation, we include joint venture companies, partners, suppliers, neighboring companies, as well as cities and communities in this process. BASF’s central emergency response center supports local emergency response units worldwide 24 hours a day. Our emergency systems are checked regularly, for example, in drills with our employees and local authorities. In 2010, we developed the concept for a new Group directive on emergency response. It standardizes regional management plans that specify how to act when incidents occur. The directive sets out basic requirements for emergency response and prevention – such as fire prevention – and how these are to be organized.

As a preventive measure to protect sites worldwide, we introduced new minimum requirements in 2010, which also include information protection. These measures aim to protect employees and the company, and to prevent damages that could occur from the loss of know-how, criminal behavior or international terrorism, for example. We have added relevant security-related human rights aspects in the training of our security personnel. This includes, for example, the concept of appropriate use of measures during security assignments. These were made part of the training in Germany in 2009 and by 2011 we want to make these training requirements globally binding. The observance of human rights will be included as an obligatory condition in new contracts with the BASF Group’s contractors. Information relevant to the principles of the Global Compact

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