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Mar. 10, 2011
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Part of the audited Consolidated Financial Statements and Management´s Analysis

Research and development

  • Product innovations: focused on customers’ needs and market trends
  • Cetiol C5: new emollient, 100% derived from renewable feedstocks
  • Lumogen IR: technology for transparent plastic applications that absorbs
    near-infrared radiation
  • Soluplus: helps in the development and production of innovative drug products

Superabsorbents for diapers

For modern diapers with less pulp content

Value for BASF



growth in volumes

in 2010 for superabsorbents used in premium modern diapers

Value for the environment

up to


less energy consumption

over the entire life cycle of the diapers

Value for BASF

In recent years, there has been a clear global trend toward ever thinner premium diapers for babies. We have helped shape this trend by collaborating closely with our customers to develop tailor-made superabsorbents for the manufacture of these diapers. This enabled us to increase sales volumes of our superabsorbents for premium diapers by around 30% in 2010.

Value for the environment

Throughout the entire life cycle of a new premium diaper, energy consumption is reduced by up to 14% compared with older models, depending on the size of the diaper. This is mainly due to the reduction of energy-intensive components. In addition, our products help to simplify the manufacturing process of diapers – thus saving even more energy.

The success of the Performance Products segment is driven by product innovations. We focus on the needs of our customers and market trends. One of the most recent additions to our portfolio, Cetiol® C5, is 100% derived from renewable feedstocks. The emollient developed by Cognis gives skin a pleasant feel and is ideal for facial, body, sun and hair care products as well as decorative cosmetics.

Our innovations can make life easier – as demonstrated by our new heat-shielding plastic additive. Hot car interiors in the summer are not only uncomfortable for the driver, they also get the air conditioner running at full blast, leading to higher energy consumption. Lumogen® IR helps prevent this: Lumogen is a technology for transparent plastic applications that absorbs near-infrared radiation and therefore reduces heat build-up inside cars.

Soluplus® helps our customers in the pharmaceutical industry develop and produce innovative drug products containing active substances that previously could not be formulated. As a polymer matrix, Soluplus forms solid solutions with poorly soluble drug substances which can be made into tablets, for example. This improves the bioavailability of the active substances.

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