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Mar. 10, 2011
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Part of the audited Consolidated Financial Statements and Management´s Analysis

Our products

  • Performance Polymers: engineering plastics, polyamide and polyamide intermediates as well as foams and specialty plastics for diverse applications
  • Polyurethanes: basic products, tailor-made systems and specialties for the construction and automotive industries, household appliances and sports equipment

The Performance Polymers division is one of the world’s leading suppliers of engineering plastics, polyamides and polyamide intermediates as well as foams and specialty plastics.

We offer our customers a broad portfolio of engineering plastics based on polyamide 6 and polyamide 6,6 (Ultramid®). This is complemented by our products Ultradur®, Ultraform® and Ultrason®. Due to their special mechanical properties and the combination of low weight with high temperature and chemical resistance, our engineering plastics are widely used in the automotive, electrical and electronics industries. They are also used in the manufacture of household and leisure goods, and increasingly for design-oriented consumer products.

For the packaging, textile and food industries, we offer polyamide polymers as important base products for the manufacturing of fibers and films. Our product range also includes Ecoflex® and Ecovio® – biodegradable specialty plastics for the packaging industry.

Styropor® and its innovative refinement Neopor® – both styrene-based precursors for foams – are used as insulating material for construction and packaging. Our foams contribute not only to energy efficiency: The melamine-based foam Basotect® also provides excellent sound absorption in buildings, cars and airplanes.

The Polyurethanes division is one of the leading suppliers of basic products, systems and specialties. With our comprehensive product and service portfolio, we are the preferred partner of our customers in many industries.

Our polyurethane solutions help to save energy and are very often used in insulating materials. Polyurethane rigid foam products are the preferred material for many cooling systems for food or pharmaceutical products. Furthermore, nearly all refrigerators and freezers produced worldwide are insulated with polyurethane. The use of polyurethane insulation in all the steps of a cold chain – from production to transport and storage – saves up to 16 times more energy than is required to manufacture the polyurethane. Our products Elastopor®, Elastopir® and Elastocool® combine greater insulation capacity with innovative technology to guarantee superior refrigeration. Furthermore, polyurethane solutions are used in applications to effectively prevent heat loss, such as to insulate hot water tanks and district heating pipelines.
More on energy efficiency

In the automotive industry, polyurethanes help make vehicle designs lighter and more attractive and – for example, with our Cellasto® top mounts – improve their functionality. Manufacturers of shoe soles, mattresses, household appliances and sports equipment also use the manifold opportunities and advantages of this specialty plastic and benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our polyurethane experts worldwide. Information relevant to the principles of the Global Compact

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Production capacities of significant products








North America


South America, Africa, Middle East

Annual capacity (metric tons)


Of which 800,000 metric tons are for polyurethane applications. Contains the full capacity of three joint venture companies for the production of propylene oxide in Belgium, the Netherlands and Singapore, in which BASF has a 50% stake in each and which are proportionally consolidated in the Group Consolidated Financial Statements.













Polyamide precursors






Propylene oxide






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