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Mar. 10, 2011
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Part of the audited Consolidated Financial Statements and Management´s Analysis

Strategy and values

Strategies for value-adding growth

  • Innovation strengthens our business areas
  • Increased investments in research and development
  • Investments in growth markets
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Restructuring and cost cutting
  • Economic considerations do not take priority over safety, health and environmental protection

As the world’s leading chemical company, we aim for long-term, profitable growth. To achieve this, we are committed to operational excellence, innovation and investment in growth markets. Our actions are guided by sustainable development. Our guidelines and principles summarize how we intend to achieve our corporate goals and to establish and implement our values within the company.

We want to remain the world’s leading chemical company. We benefit from our broad portfolio, operational excellence and solid financing. At BASF, economic considerations do not take priority over safety, health and environmental protection. Through innovations, we distinguish ourselves from our competitors and shape the future. We concentrate our research and commercial focus on innovative business areas and invest in growth markets at an early stage, helped by our strategic partnerships with partners who are leaders in their fields. Our most important cooperation partners include Gazprom in Russia as well as Monsanto, Shell and Total in the United States, Sinopec in China and PETRONAS in Malaysia.

We constantly work on improving our sites, plants and processes and are continuing with our restructuring and cost-cutting measures. From 2012, we anticipate that the excellence program NEXT we started in 2008 will contribute more than €1 billion to earnings per year.
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