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Mar. 10, 2011
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Part of the audited Consolidated Financial Statements and Management´s Analysis

Sustainability management

Creating new business opportunities and minimizing risks

BASF’s sustainability management allows us to implement our strategic guideline “We ensure sustainable development.” It anchors sustainability in our company, both strategically and organizationally, and regulates how this is implemented in day-to-day business. Sustainable development helps us enhance our existing business, create new business opportunities and minimize risks.


  • Responsibility throughout entire company
  • Implementation of the strategic guideline “We ensure sustainable development”
  • Goal: create business opportunities, minimize risks
  • Sustainability is an important aspect in integrating acquired companies

Sustainability is a responsibility that cuts across the entire structure of BASF. As part of this, we foster open dialogue with our stakeholders, identify important topics early on, and implement and monitor our voluntary commitments worldwide. We take advantage of business opportunities with products and services that have economic and environmental benefits for our customers. To identify these, in 2010, we started taking sustainability aspects into account more systematically in the development of strategies for our strategic business units.

When we acquire companies, we integrate them as quickly as possible in our management systems and organization for sustainability. We ensure that new employees are familiar and act in accordance with our global requirements for environmental protection, health protection and safety as well as labor and social standards. We have expert teams who act as advisers on sustainability during the integration of acquired companies.
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Milestones 2010

Sustainability management
  • Materiality analysis revised
  • 450th Eco-Efficiency Analysis carried out since 1996
  • Supplier Days on labor and social standards

Identifying relevant topics

We want to recognize topics at an early stage that could represent opportunities or risks for our business now or in the future. Therefore we regularly analyze the relevance of sustainability issues for BASF and for society. In 2010, we carried out a new materiality analysis. Together with external partners, we surveyed several hundred external experts and stakeholders as well as BASF managers about key sustainability topics. Subsequently, BASF’s experts from several divisions identified the strategic importance of these issues for BASF. We are using the results to develop strategies for these topics, paying special attention to topics that have come increasingly into focus, such as water, biodiversity and renewable raw materials. In 2010, the Sustainability Council decided that the sustainability strategy should be refined with regard to these topics. To do so, we will develop strategic positions and define goals. The first results will be presented to the Sustainability Council in 2011.
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