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Broad base of international shareholders

With over 400,000 shareholders, BASF is one of the largest publicly owned companies with a high free float. An analysis of the shareholder structure carried out in September 2010 showed that, at 15% of share capital, the United States and Canada make up the largest regional group of institutional investors. Institutional investors from Germany account for 12%. Shareholders from the United Kingdom and Ireland also hold 12% of BASF shares, while institutional investors from the rest of Europe hold a further 16% of capital. Approximately 26% of the company’s share capital is held by private investors, most of whom reside in Germany. Around 6% of all investors live in the greater Ludwigshafen area. With around one quarter of its shares held by private investors, BASF has the second-largest percentage of private shareholders among the DAX 30 companies.

Shareholder structure (by region)

Shareholder structure (pie chart)

Employees becoming shareholders

In many countries, we offer share purchase programs to encourage our employees to become BASF shareholders. In 2010, more than 18,900 employees (2009: 20,800) purchased employee shares, worth a total of around €28 million (2009: €33 million).
More on investment programs for employees

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