Last Update:
March 1, 2012

Vocational training and career development

  • Worldwide 2,565 apprentices and trainees in over 60 occupations
  • Around €170 million invested in vocational and further training
  • More than 92,000 employees participate in training programs worldwide
  • Knowledge transfer through internal social media network connect.BASF

Vocational training

BASF is currently training 2,565 young people in more than 60 occupations in 15 countries. In 2011, 1,168 young people started apprenticeships and traineeships at German Group companies and in the BASF Training Verbund. Since 2004, BASF and its approximately 500 partner companies in the BASF Training Verbund have been creating additional apprenticeship positions in Germany; together, we are currently training 3,395 young people. After passing their final examination, 99% of the apprentices and trainees at BASF SE received a job offer in 2011. In the BASF Training Verbund, this figure was 78%. Worldwide, we invested around €77 million in vocational training in 2011 as well as approximately €24 million in the Training Verbund as part of our social commitment.

Further training and personnel development

The continuous development of our employees’ skills is an investment in BASF’s future. In annual performance reviews, we determine every employee’s need for professional development and further training. In addition to seminars and workshops, we also offer a wide range of opportunities worldwide for independent learning via electronic media.

In 2011, we invested around €170 million (2010: €155 million) in vocational training and career development. More than 92,000 employees worldwide participated in training programs, spending on average 3.4 days at professional development seminars (2010: 4.1 days). Our measures for further training are based on the specific learning needs of our employees.

Employee development in North America focused on market orientation, innovation and creating value for our customers. The BASF SE Learning Center was used around 58,000 times in 2011, and a total of more than 107,000 seminar days took place. Our offerings are complemented by international seminars that allow employees to network with each other on a global level. The internal social media network connect.BASF, which was given the International German PR Award in 2011, also provides a forum for exchange between employees all over the world. In 2011, we introduced a mandatory training program for all new managers at BASF SE.

In Asia, we conducted a pilot project to establish an expert career track for sales employees in 2011. Our career development programs in North America included expanded talent reviews and strengthened efforts in development and succession planning.

The goal of our new global project “Employee Development BASF Group” is to establish employee development as a top priority within the company. Professional development should be a shared responsibility between employees and managers, who engage in special in-depth development dialogs. Around 20,000 employees and managers received information or training by the end of 2011.

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