Last Update:
March 1, 2012

Work-life balance

  • Regional initiatives to meet the needs of our employees at a local level
  • Flexible working models
  • Expansion of services related to work-life management
  • Services for employees who are caring for relatives

Around the world, we are expanding and enhancing our wide range of programs to improve work-life balance. To compete for the best employees, we are responding to the differing needs and life stages of our employees. We offer options such as flexible working-time models and childcare, as well as support for employees who are caring for relatives.

Our regional initiatives meet the individual needs of our employees at a local level. In Hong Kong and Malaysia, we have started a pilot project for making working times and locations more flexible. In Columbia and Italy, we have initiated projects to promote work-life balance. At our sites in Ludwigshafen and Münster, Germany, we are building centers for improved work-life management. These centers will offer childcare, social counseling, counseling and services in terms of eldercare, and health and fitness programs. At the end of 2011, 527 BASF SE employees were on parental leave, of whom 10.4% were fathers. During 2011, 545 employees returned to work following parental leave. The percentage of employees working part-time for BASF SE is 10.8%, of whom 70.2% are women.

BASF Sozialberatung (BASF social counseling) supports employees, particularly at the Ludwigshafen site, who find themselves in difficult personal situations and helps them to remain able to work. In 2011, we launched social counseling hotlines for employees in Asia and South Africa.

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