Last Update:
March 1, 2012

Social commitment

Highlights 2011

  • New hands-on, interactive laboratories opened in 16 countries
  • “Education Initiative Plus” even more firmly established in kindergartens and
    day-care centers
  • €2 million donated worldwide for disaster victims in Japan
  • Activities to combat famine and the effects of drought in East Africa

We assume social responsibility: We are involved in diverse projects worldwide, especially in the communities in which our sites are located. Our main focus is on access to education. In this way, we promote innovation capacity and future viability.


In 2011, the BASF Group spent a total of €48.7 million on supporting projects (2010: €49.8 million). Of this amount, we donated 24% (2010: 29.4%). We support initiatives that reach out to many people and have long-lasting impact. We foster education, science, social projects, sports and cultural events in the communities around our sites. We cooperate with universities, schools and non-profit organizations on a regional level. Internationally, we work together with the United Nations through the BASF Sozialstiftung (“BASF Social Foundation”). Since 2005, this has included our strategic partnership with the U.N. Human Settlements Program, UN-HABITAT, presented to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon as a part of Global Compact LEAD at the U.N. Private Sector Forum 2011. BASF joined UN-HABITAT’s Urban Private Sector Advisory Board in 2011.

BASF does not support political parties. In the United States, our employees have established the BASF Corporation Employees Political Action Committee. It is an independent, federally registered association of employees which pools donations to political candidates from BASF employees and independently decides how these are used.

Principles and criteria for support

  • Support for projects that bring long-term benefits
  • Fostering education, science, social projects, sports and cultural events in the communities around BASF sites
  • Cooperation with expert partners such as the United Nations

Focus on education

BASF Group donations, sponsorship
and own projects in 2011

(million €)

In 2011, 54,813 children and young people in 33 countries visited our Kids’ Labs and Teens’ Labs. We opened new hands-on, interactive laboratories in 16 countries around the world in 2011, including in South Africa, Hungary and Vietnam.

As a founding member of the Knowledge Factory, BASF is one of more than 90 companies that support education projects, startup companies and young entrepreneurs. Since it was founded in 2005, the Knowledge Factory has entered into more than 2,300 educational partnerships with schools, reaching around 10,000 teachers and more than 550,000 children.

In Germany, the “Education Initiative Plus” program was even more firmly established in the 230 participating kindergartens and day-care centers. Furthermore, we collaborate with the Pop Academy Baden-Württemberg to promote music education for children. Nearly 7,000 students from over 300 classes are already benefiting from this opportunity.

International donation projects

We continued to help victims of natural disasters in 2011 and donated more than €2 million for people affected by the earthquake and flooding in Japan. Employees around the world contributed by donating €780,000. These funds are being used to support projects such as trauma counseling and emergency preparedness at schools in Japan. To this end, the BASF Sozialstiftung and BASF Japan are working together with UNESCO for the first time.

In Kenya, BASF gave €200,000 in emergency aid to the U.N. Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to combat malnutrition in the refugee camps of Dadaab. The 2011 Christmas donation campaign is supporting a project to fight famine and the effects of drought in East Africa. BASF SE made a donation of €100,000 to the project as starting capital; employees donated €195,000. For the first time, BASF Sozialstiftung is helping the International Labor Organization to combat unemployment among young people in East Africa.

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