Last Update:
March 1, 2012

Opportunities with climate protection products

  • Around €6.7 billion in sales from climate protection products in 2011
  • Product portfolio enables users to address the effects of climate change

In 2011, we generated sales of around €6.7 billion (9% of BASF Group sales, excluding the styrenics business) with our climate protection products (2010: €7.7 billion), which include building insulation materials and plastic components for the automotive industry. This year-on-year decrease in sales of climate protection products is primarily attributable to the inclusion of the styrenics business in the Styrolution joint venture. The products from this business were not taken into account in calculating our corporate carbon footprint for 2011. In 2010, comparable sales of climate protection products amounted to €6.4 billion. Our current research activities in areas such as renewable energy and battery materials are expected to further increase our sales of climate protection products.

In addition, we offer a number of products which enable users to address the effects of climate change. Elastocoast®, for example, is a composite of BASF specialty plastics and stone ballast which protects dikes against the force of waves.
Information relevant to the principles of the Global Compact

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