Last Update:
March 1, 2012

Energy and raw materials

  • Develop products that help customers conserve resources, save energy and make renewable energies more economic in the long run
  • Three-pronged approach: efficient energy production, savings through the Energy Verbund and successful energy management

The conservation of resources is one of our fundamental principles. We use efficient energy-generation technologies, energy-efficient production processes and comprehensive energy management. We also make products that help conserve resources. In order to continue to increase our energy efficiency, we have set ourselves a new goal.


We offer our customers products and technologies that help them conserve resources, save energy and make renewable energies more economical in the long run. Our own production processes focus on energy efficiency and the responsible use of raw materials. As a company in an energy-intensive industry, our success also depends on the long-term security of our energy and raw material supplies. We have therefore created a program to increase our energy efficiency – measured as the volume of sales products produced in relation to the primary energy required for their production – with a global goal for our production processes. We pursue this goal through efficiency in energy generation, savings through our Energy Verbund, and our energy management, which analyzes and further improves energy efficiency at our plants.

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