Last Update:
March 1, 2012

Waste management

  • Audits at external waste management plants
  • Remediation of contaminated areas at two former Ciba sites largely complete
  • 1.97 million metric tons of waste from production in 2011

BASF prevents and reduces waste wherever possible. If no recovery options are available, we dispose of waste in a correct and environmentally responsible manner. We regularly carry out audits to inspect external waste management plants. When making acquisitions, we apply the same standards for the responsible handling of landfills and contaminated sites. After extensive planning, the remediation of two former multi-disposal landfills was largely completed in 2011. These were contaminated areas of former Ciba sites.

Worldwide, around 1.97 million metric tons of waste resulted from production in 2011 (2010: 1.86 million metric tons). Of this, oil and gas exploration accounted for 0.08 million metric tons (2010: 0.06 million metric tons). We were able to recycle or thermally recover 48.9% of our waste (2010: 48.5%). The rest was disposed of by underground storage (9.1%), through incineration (56.8%) or by landfilling (34.1%). According to internationally established categories, around 0.58 million metric tons of the waste we disposed of was classified as hazardous and approximately 0.43 million metric tons as non-hazardous. Our sites sent 0.30 million metric tons of hazardous waste away for professional disposal.

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