Last Update:
March 1, 2012

Water use

  • BASF abstracted 2,130 million cubic meters of water worldwide in 2011

Water footprint of the BASF Group in 2011
(Million cubic meters per year)

Water balance of the BASF Group in 2011 (pie chart) Enlarge image

¹ Total from production processes, graywater, rinsing and purification in production
² The difference between the volume of water supplied and discharged is mainly attributable to evaporation losses during closed-circuit cooling.

In 2011, BASF abstracted 2,130 million cubic meters of water worldwide (2010: 2,125 million cubic meters). Of this amount, 94.5% was drawn from rivers and lakes. Groundwater accounted for 4.4% and drinking water for 1.1%.

BASF uses most of this water as cooling water. Only around 13% of the water comes into contact with products, for example, when used for washing or as a solvent or reaction medium. We recirculate water as much as possible in order to reduce our water usage. We report separately on recirculated water used in flow and closed-circuit cooling. However, we do not want water recirculation to result in increased energy use, for instance, for recooling the water. We have recooling plants at our larger sites to reduce the temperature of the cooling water before it is discharged back into a body of water.

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