Last Update:
March 1, 2012

Dividends and financing

  • We aim to increase the dividend each year
  • We aim to maintain a minimum rating of a solid A
  • Currently no need for medium- to long-term financing


We stand by our ambitious dividend policy and offer our shareholders an attractive dividend yield. We aim to increase our dividend each year, or at least maintain it at the previous year’s level.


We will continue to adhere to our financing principles in 2012. Our goals continue to be securing liquidity at all times, limiting the risks associated with financing and optimizing our cost of capital, also possibly through the use of share buybacks. We aim to maintain at least a solid A rating.

Cash outflows are expected to result from the scheduled repayment of bonds with a total volume equivalent to €2,942 million. In light of our strong cash flow from operating activities as well as our level of cash and cash equivalents, we currently see no concrete need for additional medium- and long-term financing. However, our unrestricted access to the capital markets allows us flexible use of attractive financing for the BASF Group at any time.

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