Last Update:
March 1, 2012

Segment profile Crop Protection

Innovations for the health of crops

The Agricultural Solutions segment consists of the Crop Protection division. We develop and produce innovative active ingredients and formulations for the improvement of crop health and yields, and market them worldwide. BASF Plant Science conducts research in the field of plant biotechnology.

Crop Protection – Strategy

  • Clear and long-term innovation strategy secures future growth
  • Targeted investments in core markets and growth markets

Our strategy has been developed based on long-term market trends. To feed the growing world population, we need a sustainable increase in crop yields. This is only possible with the help of innovations. In order to secure our future growth, we rely on a clear and long-term innovation strategy. We offer our customers a broad portfolio of integrated solutions, continuously invest in our active ingredients pipeline and develop improved formulations. In addition, we make targeted investments in core markets and intensify our investments in growth markets.

Moreover, we want to further strengthen our strategic partnerships with seed companies, benefiting from the technological competence of BASF Plant Science. We develop solutions together with other BASF divisions that go beyond conventional crop protection measures. With the help of the BASF Verbund, we address important issues in agriculture, such as water management or sustainable yield optimization.


In 2011, we invested €150 million. A large portion of this amount was directly related to the creation of new production capacities for our fungicide Xemium. Furthermore, we increased capacity for the formulation of our fungicide F 500 in North America. At the Ludwigshafen site, we invested in infrastructure to improve our filling processes.

To be able to meet the high demand for our innovative crop protection products in the future, we will continue to invest in our production capacities. To do this, we plan an average investment volume of approximately €200 million annually over the next few years.

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