Last Update:
March 1, 2012


  • 2011: research and development expenditures of €412 million; 10% of sales
  • Pipeline with peak sales potential of €2,800 million
  • Widely applicable fungicide Xemium to be launched globally in 2012
  • Creation of new business area, Functional Crop Care

Blockbuster fungicide Xemium

An important component of BASF’s fungicide portfolio

Value for BASF




total peak sales potential



Value for our customers


better performance

compared with conventional fungicides

Value for BASF

Xemium is an important addition to our fungicide portfolio and further strengthens our leading position in the market for carboxamide fungicides. We aim for a peak sales potential of more than €200 million with Xemium.

Value for our customers

Xemium outperforms conventional fungicides in three ways: It remains effective longer, can be used more flexibly and disperses extraordinarily well within the plant. For the farmer, this means higher crop yields and improved quality.

In 2011, we increased our research and development expenditures to €412 million. This represents around 10% of sales. We make targeted investments to identify novel active ingredients at an early stage and to quickly bring to market the results of our research and development projects. Our pipeline currently has a peak sales potential of €2,800 million, which is €400 million more than in the previous year. Of this, €1,200 million relates to products that will have been launched between 2010 and 2020, including Kixor®, Initium® and Xemium®. Thanks to the continuous and successful expansion of our umbrella brand AgCelence®, we expect our active ingredient F 500® to reach a total peak sales potential of €1 billion.

Xemium is a particularly powerful and widely applicable fungicide for field and specialty crops. Sales already began in France at the end of 2011. In the course of the global market launch, starting in 2012, we plan to offer Xemium in more than 50 countries for use with over 100 different crops. We are also working on the development of two herbicide tolerance projects and three additional active ingredients, as well as on the establishment of our new Functional Crop Care business area. Here, we will develop solutions in resource and stress management in order to help protect the environment and improve crop yield.

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