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March 1, 2012

Our products

  • Our products: fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, seed treatment, crop health products and applications in the non-crop sector
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Products, customers and applications








Agricultural Solutions

Indications and sectors




Seed treatment

Pest control


Protecting crops from harmful fungal attacks; improving plant health

Reduction of nutrient and water deprivation caused by weeds

Combating insect pests in agriculture

Protecting seeds and young plants from fungal diseases and harmful insects

Non-agricultural applications: public health, professional pest control, landscape maintenance

Product examples

Products for fungicidal applications: boscalid, F 500, Xemium

Kixor, imidazoline, imidazolinone, pendimethalin

Fipronil, alpha-cypermethrin, teflubenzuron

Standak Top

Termidor to protect against termite infestation

Products for plant health: AgCelence (umbrella brand)





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Crop protection pipeline



Abbreviations: F = fungicide, H = herbicide, I = insecticide, HT = herbicide tolerance

¹ Herbicide tolerance project Cultivance is also reported in the BASF biotech pipeline.


Market launch 2002-2009

Market launch 2010-2020

Total peak

F: F 500, orysastrobin, dimoxystrobin, F 500 seed treatment, boscalid, metrafenone

Products (F) F 500 orysastrobin dimoxystrobin F 500 seed treatments boscalid metrafenone (ML 2002-2020) (bar)

€1,600 million

H: tritosulfuron, topramezone

Products (H) tritosulfuron topramezone (ML 2002-2020) (bar)

I: chlorfenapyr, Metaflumizone

Products (I) chlorfenapyr Metaflumizone (ML 2002-2020) (bar)

F: Initium, Xemium, a new fungicide

Products (F) Initium Xemium a new fungicide (ML 2010-2020) (bar)

€1,200 million

H: Kixor, a new herbicide

Products (H) Kixor a new herbicide (ML 2010-2020) (bar)

I: a new insecticide

Product (I) a new insecticide (ML 2010-2020) (bar)

HT systems, for example, Dicamba or Cultivance¹

Product HT systems for example Dicamba or Cultivance (ML 2010-2020) (bar)

Functional Crop Care

Product Functional Crop Care (ML 2010-2020) (bar)

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