Last Update:
March 1, 2012

Segment profile

Exploration and production of oil and natural gas;
Trading, transport and storage of natural gas

BASF’s oil and gas activities are bundled in the Wintershall Group. Wintershall and its subsidiaries operate in the business sectors Exploration & Production and Natural Gas Trading.

Segment strategy

  • Two business sectors: Exploration & Production and Natural Gas Trading, bundled in the Wintershall Group
  • Success in exploration and production is driven by investments as well as expansion of technological expertise
  • We make an important contribution to Europe’s supply security with our “Gas for Europe” strategy

In the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas, we concentrate on selected oil- and gas-rich regions in Europe, Russia and the Caspian Sea region as well as in North Africa/Middle East and South America. To ensure our lasting success, we continuously develop our technological expertise. Our focus here is on measures for increasing the yield from oil-producing deposits as well as the development of technologies for reservoirs with difficult production conditions. By utilizing the synergies resulting from the research expertise available within the BASF Group, we are increasingly able to enhance our position as a partner with exceptional technological expertise.

The long-term increase in demand for natural gas in Western Europe, coupled with the decline in regional production, means that ever-increasing volumes of natural gas will have to be imported. This creates opportunities for our business sectors, which we exploit within the scope of our Gas for Europe strategy. We explore for and produce natural gas in and around Europe and help to establish the necessary infrastructure to deliver the gas to our customers. With our pipeline network and strategically positioned natural gas storage facilities, we make an important contribution to securing gas supplies in Germany and Europe.

We operate in ecologically sensitive areas. Therefore, before our activities start, we carefully examine potential consequences for the environment, such as for water and biodiversity. Together with experts, our contractors and relevant stakeholders, we develop and implement measures to minimize the impact on people and the environment. In so doing, we act in accordance with international agreements, local regulations and our own high standards. Information relevant to the principles of the Global Compact

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Capital expenditures



BOE = Barrel oil equivalent


Year of startup



Total capacity


Haidach, Austria

Startup and expansion of the natural gas storage facility

>2 billion m3


Haiming, Germany

Startup and expansion of the compressor station

32 MW



Construction of the onshore pipeline links OPAL and NEL to the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline

55 billion m3


Jemgum, Germany

Startup and expansion of the natural gas storage facility

approximately 1 billion m3


North Sea, Norway

Development of Knarr field

20 million BOE1



Development of Luno field

30 million BOE1


Siberia, Russia

Achimgaz, development of the Achimov formation in the Urengoy gas and condensate field

70 million BOE1


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