Last Update:
March 1, 2012


  • Product innovations: focused on customers’ needs and on market trends
  • New UVA absorbers offer efficient protection against harmful UVA radiation
  • Epotal Eco: the first compostable water-based adhesive certified by the German Technical Inspection Agency TÜV
  • L-menthol: new plant to start up in 2012; production method developed and patented by BASF

Tinuvin 1600

UV absorber for transparent engineering plastics

Value for BASF


growth in annual sales volumes

from 2006 to 2011

Value for our customers


increase in product lifetime

of plastic applications

Value for BASF

The plastics industry grows by 3–5% every year, and the growth rate for special applications in the construction, electronics and automotive industries is even higher. Additives considerably improve the performance of plastics and are therefore an important value-adding factor for these industries. We have the world’s most comprehensive plastic additives portfolio, and offer products ranging from pigments and antioxidants to highquality UV absorbers. One example is our UV absorber Tinuvin 1600, with which we increased our sales by 50% per year from 2006 to 2011.

Value for our customers

Our UV absorber Tinuvin 1600 increases the lifetime of end applications – such as modern plastic window glazings and solar panels – by up to 75%. At the same time, Tinuvin 1600 allows more efficient processing as well as significantly lower waste in the production process, increasing productivity by up to 15%.

The success of the Performance Products segment is driven by product innovations. We focus on the needs of our customers and on market trends. For example, we recognized the need for effective sun protection products early on. Today’s UV filters should not only protect against sunburn, but also offer protection against UVA radiation that can lead to chronic damage. With the launch of our innovative products Tinosorb® M, Tinosorb® S and Uvinul® A Plus, efficient UVA filters are now available for sunscreens and daily skin care products.

UV absorbers are also important in plastics: Our Tinuvin® 1600 is a highly effective UV absorber for engineering plastics which significantly increases the lifetime of end user applications such as modern plastic window glazings or solar panels.

Biologically degradable adhesives will play a decisive role in the development of compostable packaging materials. With Epotal® Eco, we offer the first compostable water-based adhesive certified by the German Technical Inspection Agency TÜV. Epotal Eco is particularly suitable for the production of multi-layer films for flexible packaging materials made of biodegradable plastics. These applications can include, for example, granola bar packaging.

Our new synthetic dry-strength agent for use in the paper industry shows how innovations can further improve our customers’ production processes. It makes freshly produced wet paper sheets more tear-resistant, enabling a higher throughput speed as well as the use of lower-grade paper fibers. Compared with the starch-based products usually used, our new cationic, vinyl formamide-based polymer offers major cost reduction potential for our customers. Trials with a leading European paper producer have shown that the production costs of wood-free base paper can be reduced by 5%.

Starting in summer 2012, we will expand our offering in the aroma chemicals business with L-menthol, a product from our citral value chain. We developed and patented the L-menthol production method. This process allows us to offer a very high level of purity. L-menthol is an ingredient in numerous oral care, flavor and pharmaceutical industry products. Information relevant to the principles of the Global Compact

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