Last Update:
March 1, 2012

Marketing and customer relations

  • Broad customer portfolio: large and medium-sized global and regional customers from almost all areas of the consumer and capital goods industries
  • Development laboratories close to our customers in all regions to enable quick problem solving
  • Specialized distribution partners to serve smaller customers as well as for certain products and applications

Our customer portfolio is made up of large and medium-sized enterprises, global and regional customers in almost all areas of the consumer and capital goods industries. We offer our customers direct and individual service and usually maintain long-term business relationships with them. In addition to innovative products, we often offer application services as well. Regional development laboratories allow us to quickly adapt our products to local needs. We follow a value-based pricing strategy that focuses on the overall added benefit that customers gain from our solutions.

We work with specialized distribution partners for certain products and applications and to serve smaller customers. We also supply internal customers, for example BASF’s Coatings and Construction Chemicals divisions, which receive important raw materials from the divisions in the Performance Products segment.

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