Last Update:
March 1, 2012


  • smart forvision concept car: Daimler and BASF implement their ideas for the electric mobility of the future
  • Ultradur PRO: new plastic for medical technology applications
  • Styrodur Neo and Styrodur HT: improved pressure-resistant insulation panels
  • Ecovio: biodegradable plastic bags for easier composting of organic waste

Ecovio: business model for compost bin liners

Biodegradable plastic for collecting and composting organic matter

Value for BASF



annual market growth

for Ecovio in applications for biodegradable bin liners from 2011 to 2020

Value for the environment


reduction in greenhouse gases

thanks to the separate composting of biodegradable waste in Europe

Value for BASF

In the future, the European Union will require its member states to collect and dispose of biodegradable waste separately. We therefore expect the demand for biodegradable bin liners made from plastics like Ecovio to grow by approximately 20% every year between 2011 and 2020.

Value for the environment

In Europe today, only 30% of compostable waste is separated from the rest – many countries still deposit it in the same landfill with non-compostable waste. This produces methane, which has around twenty times the greenhouse gas potential of CO2. Sturdy, biodegradable bags make waste collection and separation easier and more hygienic. They help reduce damage to the environment, as composting produces CO2 rather than methane. If all of Europe collected and composted its biodegradable waste separately, greenhouse gas emissions from waste disposal could be reduced by 30%.

In 2011, we developed numerous innovative products and applications for our customers in the automotive, electrical, electronics and packaging industries.

Together with Daimler, we were able to apply many ideas for comprehensive electric mobility in the smart forvision concept car. We focused especially on lightweight design, temperature management and energy efficiency. The smart forvision’s wheel rims, for example, are made of the long-fiber reinforced specialty polyamide Ultramid® Structure and are the first rims made entirely from plastic to be ready for series production. These rims weigh up to 30% less than comparable metal ones, while providing the same degree of stability. As a result, the electric car becomes lighter and requires less electricity to run. Our innovative high-performance foams are fitted into the body panels to help ensure a comfortable climate inside the car. They keep the vehicle pleasantly cool in summer and insulate it against the cold in winter. Thanks to their high efficiency even in thin layers, these foams can be fitted everywhere in the vehicle.

We have developed Ultradur® PRO especially for medical technology applications, such as components for insulin pens or inhalers. It is characterized by particularly high dimensional stability as well as chemical resistance and low water absorption.

The new products Styrodur® Neo and Styrodur® HT have been added to our portfolio of pressure-resistant insulation panels. While Styrodur Neo ensures even better thermal insulation, Styrodur HT withstands high temperatures especially well.

Furthermore, we showed in a pilot project that organic waste bags made from Ecovio® biodegradable plastic are easily degraded in municipal composting facilities. They are also very stable, making the collection of biodegradable waste easier and more hygienic. Information relevant to the principles of the Global Compact

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