Last Update:
March 1, 2012

Marketing and customer relations

  • Quality and efficiency in the marketing of standard products
  • Tailor-made technical marketing for specialties and customer-specific products
  • Close cooperation with customers for optimal solutions and lasting success

In the Plastics segment, we develop, produce and market standard products and specialties as well as system solutions and compounded polymers. For standard products, which we sell in large quantities, quality and efficiency take top priority. For specialties and customer-specific products, we focus on tailor-made technical marketing that allows us to implement value-based pricing.

Regional development laboratories help us to quickly adapt our products to local needs. In the highly service-oriented polyurethane systems and specialties business, experience, expertise and close collaboration with customers are essential. Through our network of 38 system houses worldwide, we provide fast local support in the development of customized solutions, as well as technical service, sales and marketing.

We work closely with our customers from an early stage of development onward in order to find optimal solutions and contribute to their success in the long term.

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