Last Update:
March 1, 2012

Organization of the BASF Group

  • Six segments contain 15 divisions that manage our global and regional business units
  • Regional divisions optimize the infrastructure and support operations
  • Corporate divisions and departments as well as competence centers provide Group-wide services

BASF’s six business segments contain 15 divisions which bear the operational responsibility and manage our 70 global and regional business units. The divisions develop strategies for our 76 strategic business units and are organized according to sectors or products.

The regional divisions contribute to the local development of our business and help to exploit market potential. They are also responsible for optimizing the infrastructure for our business. For financial reporting purposes, our divisions are grouped into the following four regions: Europe; North America; Asia Pacific; and South America, Africa, Middle East.

Three central divisions, five corporate departments and ten competence centers provide Group-wide services such as finance, investor relations, communications, human resources, research, engineering and site management.

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