Last Update:
March 1, 2012

Code of Conduct and compliance

  • Binding standards of conduct ensure that our values are firmly established in day-to-day business activities
  • Mandatory compliance training for all employees
  • External compliance hotlines offer advice and assistance to employees around the world

For us, compliance means the duty to comply with laws and internal corporate directives. This takes place within the framework of our corporate governance system, which encompasses the management and monitoring of the company. The system includes organization, corporate principles and guidelines as well as internal and external control and monitoring mechanisms. Our value “We strictly adhere to our compliance standards” ensures that this standard is a mandatory part of everyday operations for all employees. Observance of this value is a component in our senior executives’ target agreements.

Based on our worldwide standards, our Group companies have created Codes of Conduct for the regions, taking into account local laws and rules. These Codes are binding for all employees in the respective countries; they are explained and incorporated into daily business operations. Mandatory compliance training for all employees is an important prerequisite for successful implementation of the Codes of Conduct. Moreover, employees have a number of potential contacts in addition to their supervisors if they want to discuss questions or seek advice and help: our legal and human resources departments, compliance officers and our external compliance hotlines.

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