Last Update:
March 1, 2012

Identifying and assessing important issues

  • Sustainability issues identified based on stakeholder survey within the scope of materiality analysis
  • Energy and climate, water, product stewardship, renewable resources, biodiversity, human capital development and human and labor rights prioritized as material issues

In order to identify areas that could represent opportunities or risks for our business now or in the future, we regularly analyze issues in terms of their significance for society and BASF. In 2010, we surveyed several hundred stakeholders for our materiality analysis. Subsequently, BASF’s experts from several functions assessed the strategic importance of these topics and, in 2011, prioritized the sustainability issues that are of particular significance for BASF. These include energy and climate, water, product stewardship, renewable resources, biodiversity and human capital development as well as human and labor rights.

We have already reached our goals for climate protection and energy efficiency ahead of schedule, along with two of our goals for water management, and in 2011 we defined new global targets for these issues. We are advancing our ambitious goals in product stewardship. Based on the materiality analysis and issues identified, our sustainability management is continuously evolving.


Our globally responsible Sustainability Council is the decision-making body for the sustainability issues most important to us. It ensures that our actions are guided by sustainable development. The Chairwoman of the Council is Board member Margret Suckale. The Council comprises ten heads of functional, operating and regional divisions, including the Climate Protection Officer. Regional steering committees identify focus areas in the regions, propose relevant projects and implement global decisions. Operating division units are responsible for the establishment and maintenance of worldwide networks and advance concepts for improved sustainability and product stewardship. The Sustainability Center coordinates the implementation of the sustainability strategy in all core processes, liaising between the Sustainability Council, regional steering committees and specialist units.

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