Last Update:
March 1, 2012

17 – Capital and reserves

Conditional capital

A residual amount of less than €10,000 is reserved to meet compensation claims of former shareholders of Wintershall. These compensation claims expired in 2004. BASF SE will therefore issue no more shares from conditional capital nor fulfill compensation claims.

Authorized capital

At the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of April 30, 2009, shareholders authorized the Board of Executive Directors to increase the subscribed capital by issuing new shares in an amount of up to €500 million against cash with the approval of the Supervisory Board through April 30, 2014. The Board of Executive Directors is empowered, following the approval of the Supervisory Board, to decide on the exclusion of shareholders’ subscription rights for these new shares in certain predefined cases covered by the enabling resolution. Until now, this option has not been exercised and no new shares have been issued.

Capital surplus

Capital surplus includes share premiums from the issuance of shares, the consideration for warrants and negative goodwill from the capital consolidation resulting from acquisitions of subsidiaries in exchange for the issue of BASF SE shares at par value.

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