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March 1, 2012

Close dialog with the capital markets

  • Global roadshows and one-on-one meetings provide information to institutional investors and ratings agencies
  • Information events for private investors
  • Roundtable talks and investor days provide in-depth information on certain topics
  • Special creditor relations roadshows provide information to credit analysts and creditors
  • Numerous awards for BASF Investor Relations

Our corporate strategy aims to create long-term value. We support this strategy through regular and open communication with all capital market participants. To keep institutional investors and rating agencies informed, we host numerous one-on-one meetings and roadshows worldwide. We also hold information events to give private investors insight into BASF.

At an investor day in London at the end of November, we introduced our updated “We create chemistry” strategy and showed the opportunities that will open up for the chemical industry as a result of the challenges of the future, such as the growing world population. We want to take advantage of these opportunities in order to reach our ambitious growth targets.

To delve more deeply into certain topics, we also held roundtable talks in 2011. These talks were aimed at giving our investors in the world’s important financial centers information about certain key areas of our business. At the Agricultural Solutions roundtable talk in New York in August, BASF management presented the strategic direction and growth opportunities of our crop protection business. Furthermore, we illustrated the progress and prospects of our plant biotechnology activities. In mid-November, our Oil & Gas roundtable in London gave investors and analysts a chance to gain in-depth insight into our oil and gas business; for example, we presented the growth strategy and 2015 goals for the Exploration & Production and Natural Gas Trading business sectors. It is very important to us that analysts and investors have direct contact with BASF management, as we feel that investors should get to know the people who lead our businesses.

We also held roadshows targeted specifically at investors who base their investment decisions on sustainability criteria, where we particularly explained our measures related to climate protection and energy efficiency. In addition, we conducted special creditor relations roadshows in 2011 for the first time, presenting our business and our financing strategy to credit analysts and creditors.

Our website provides investors with comprehensive information about BASF and BASF shares. In recognition of the growing importance of social media, we have expanded our communication activities through social media channels, such as Twitter and Facebook. Interested users can always find up-to-date information about BASF in Web 2.0.

Analysts and investors have confirmed the quality of our communication work – and have ranked BASF Investor Relations number one on many occasions. In the Thomson Extel Pan-European Survey 2011, BASF’s Investor Relations team was once again honored as “Best IR Team in Europe” and “Best IR Team in the Chemicals Sector.” At the IR Magazine Europe Awards 2011, BASF also won six top awards: Our Investor Relations team again picked up the Grand Prix for large publicly-listed companies in addition to first place in the chemicals sector and for investor relations in Germany. Furthermore, BASF was honored with the Investor Relations Award from the business magazine Capital for the fifth time in a row.

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