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March 1, 2012

BASF share performance

Change in value of an investment in
BASF shares 2011

(with dividends reinvested, indexed)

Stock markets made significant gains in the first half of 2011 – the BASF share reached a new all-time high of €69.40 – but uncertainty increasingly began to dominate the markets in the second half of the year. From the beginning of August, share prices worldwide declined sharply. This was a result of the further intensification of the national debt crises in Europe and the United States as well as the financial markets’ lower growth expectations for the world economy in 2012. The BASF share was not able to escape this negative trend, and traded at €53.89 at the end of 2011, 9.7% below its closing price one year earlier. Assuming that dividends were reinvested, BASF shares lost 6.7% of their value in 2011. The BASF stock thus outperformed the German and European stock markets: Over the same period, the DAX 30 index fell by 14.7% while the DJ EURO STOXX 50 index lost 14.5%. In 2011, BASF shares also performed better than the global industry indices DJ Chemicals and MSCI World Chemicals, which shed 10.6% and 7.8% of their value, respectively.

Long-term performance of
BASF shares compared with indices
(average annual performance with dividends reinvested)

The assets of an investor who invested the equivalent of €1,000 in BASF shares at the end of 2001 and reinvested the dividends in additional BASF shares would have increased to €3,734 by the end of 2011. This average annual return of 14.1% places BASF shares substantially above the returns for the DAX 30 (1.4%), EURO STOXX 50 (–2.2%) and MSCI World Chemicals (7.2%).

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Percentage of BASF shares in important indices as of December 31, 2011



DAX 30


DJ Chemicals


MSCI World Index


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