• Information and bases for calculation based on international standards for financial reporting and sustainability reporting
  • Data collection methods for environmental protection and safety based on recommendations of the European Chemical Industry Council
  • Relevant information available up to editorial deadline of February 20, 2013

All information and bases for calculation in this report are based on national and international standards for financial and sustainability reporting. All of the data and information for the reporting period were sourced from the responsible units using representative methods. The reporting period was the financial year 2012. BASF Group’s scope of consolidation for its reporting comprises BASF SE, the parent company, with its headquarters in Ludwigshafen, Germany, as well as all of its material subsidiaries. Jointly operated companies are included on a proportional basis. Employees within the BASF Group scope of consolidation as of December 31, 2012, are represented accordingly in the information contained in the chapter Employees.

Our data collection methods for environmental protection and occupational safety are based on the recommendations of the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC). In the Environment chapter, with its sections on Energy and Climate Protection, Water, and Air and Soil, we report on approximately 98% of all emissions and waste from our production sites worldwide and show around 98% of our worldwide energy and water use. The emissions, waste, energy and water use of joint venture companies are included pro rata, based on our stake. We compile information on work-related accidents at all Group company sites worldwide. Accidents at joint venture sites are also compiled and reported in full. Further data on social responsibility and transportation safety apply to all consolidated Group companies, unless otherwise indicated. To make this report as current as possible, we have included relevant information available up to the editorial deadline of February 20, 2013. The report is published each year in English and German.