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Manager development

  • “Inclusion of diversity” programs for managers enhanced in individual regions
  • Percentage of executive positions in the BASF Group held by women at 17%
  • Goal for proportion of senior executives with international experience updated from over 70% to over 80%

What we expect from our managers

Our managers are seen as role models in implementing our strategy in their day-to-day business. This is why we align our expected leadership behavior with the principles and values laid out in our strategy. In 2012, we developed a mandatory qualification program in Germany for experienced managers, as well. There are also similar qualification programs for managers in Asia and in North and South America.

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BASF Group employee structure 2012 (as of December 31)



Thereof women %


Specialists and experts without disciplinary managerial responsibilities


Employees with disciplinary managerial responsibilities




Thereof professionals 1



Thereof managers 2



Employee and manager diversity

Diversity offers competitive advantages: for the power of innovation, for a better understanding of different markets and for team performance. We want to continue to strengthen the appreciation of diversity in our company as well as a culture of trusting cooperation across regions, countries and units. To do so, we have created a worldwide network of employees who serve as ambassadors of diversity and inclusion. Furthermore, unit-specific projects work to improve the inclusion of employees in heterogeneous teams and increase appreciation of differing personalities.

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Diversity in management positions


Total %


The term “senior executives” refers to Management Levels 1 to 4, whereas Level 1 denotes the Board of Executive Directors. Individual emplo­yees can also attain senior executive status by virtue of special expertise.

Non-German senior executives 1


Senior executives with international experience


The inclusion of diversity is therefore part of the global competency profile we use to assess and develop employees and managers. As an employer, we provide equal opportunities for all employees and are committed to the equal treatment of both men and women. At the end of 2012, the percentage of executive positions in the BASF Group held by women was 17% (2011: 16.2%). In a joint initiative with all 30 DAX-listed companies, BASF signed a voluntary commitment in 2011: In Germany, we aim to raise the percentage of women in executive positions from 9.8% (baseline 2010) to 15% by the end of 2020. At the end of 2012, the percentage of executive positions held by women in Germany was 11.9%.

In individual regions, we have enhanced various programs for managers on the inclusion of diversity. Continuing internationalization has also led us to update one of our goals: we aim to raise the percentage of senior executives with international experience from over 70% to over 80%.