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Vocational training and career development

Vocational training

As of December 31, 2012, BASF was training 2,809 young people in around 60 occupations in 16 countries worldwide. We invested a total of around €84 million in vocational training in 2012 as well as approximately €22 million in the BASF Training Verbund as part of our social commitment. In 2012, 911 young people started apprenticeships at BASF SE and German Group companies, and 294 started in the BASF Training Verbund in cooperation with partner companies.

In order to cover our need for qualified employees, we will expand our own training capacities at the Ludwigshafen site and redesign the BASF Training Verbund. For training programs beginning in 2013, we offer 750 positions at BASF at the Ludwigshafen site and 250 positions in starter programs within the BASF Training Verbund. In the future, we will focus primarily on projects preparing young people for apprenticeships. The BASF Training Verbund’s dual-training system will no longer be offered in the future. After passing their final examination, 96% of the apprentices at BASF SE and 73% in the BASF Training Verbund received a job offer in 2012.

As part of the training and apprenticeship campaign in 2012, the German Group companies optimized their selection process for apprentices in order to obtain a comprehensive picture of candidates at the beginning of the application process.

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Personnel development and further training

The goal of our global Employee Development project is to establish employee development as a top priority within the company. We want to recognize and promote talent early on in order to maintain our leading position as a company and become even more attractive as an employer. In development dialogs, employees and managers share responsibility as they outline the prospects for professional development. These talks supplement the yearly performance review, in which employees and their supervisors agree on concrete training and development measures. Performance reviews are conducted annually in 98% of BASF Group companies. Our transparent internal job market offers employees the chance to apply directly for new positions.

Life-long learning and further training are important components of our employee development. We invested around €98 million for this purpose in 2012 (2011: €93 million). Our measures for further training are based on the specific learning needs of each of our employees. Local and international seminars enable the acquisition and exchange of knowledge and promote networking among employees. In 2012, more than 90,000 employees worldwide attended training programs, spending 3.4 days on average in professional development (2011: 3.4 days). A total of more than 106,000 seminar days took place at BASF SE, including at the Learning Center, in 2012.

In addition, we also offer a wide range of opportunities worldwide for independent learning via electronic media. We strengthened our in-company qualification program in 2012. Shift trainers play a central role in this, promoting employees’ continuous professional development through individual learning assignments.