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Social commitment

Principles and criteria for support

  • Support for projects that bring long-term benefits
  • Fostering education, science, social projects, sports and cultural events in the communities around BASF sites
  • We work together with expert partners such as the United Nations

We take on social responsibility: We are involved in diverse projects worldwide, especially in the communities in which our sites are located. Our main focus is on access to education. In this way, we promote innovative capacity and future viability.


In 2012, the BASF Group spent a total of €49.2 million on supporting projects (2011: €48.7 million). Of this amount, we donated 24% (2011: 24%). We support initiatives that reach out to as many people as possible and have long-lasting impact. We foster education, science, social projects, sports and cultural events in the communities around our sites. On a regional level, we work together with universities, schools and nonprofit organizations.

In 2012, the BASF Sozialstiftung, a charitable foundation based in Germany, was renamed “BASF Stiftung.” We support this organization in its international projects with various U.N. organizations. BASF has been a strategic partner for the United Nations Human Settlements Programme, UN-HABITAT, since 2005.

Highlights 2012

  • Education Initiative expanded
  • End-of-year donation campaign collects €420,000
  • BASF Corporation supports disaster relief efforts after Hurricane Sandy in the United States
BASF Group donations, sponsorship and own projects in 2012 (Million €)
BASF Group donations, sponsorship and own projects in 2012 (pie chart)Enlarge image

Focus on education

In 2012, 64,440 children and young people in 35 countries visited our Kids’ Labs and Teens’ Labs. Turkey’s Corporate Social Responsibility Association honored BASF’s Kids’ Lab project with its Best Practice Award. In Germany, these student labs were chosen in their fifteenth year of existence as a “Selected Landmark” in the “Germany – Land of Ideas” initiative. We were recognized by the Public Relations Society in North America in 2012 for our scientific education program, in which approximately 15,000 students have taken part since 2010.

We expanded the early-childhood education activities of our Education Initiative in 2012 with two modeling projects at the Schwarzheide site. In addition, we launched the “1, 2, 3 – An Eye on the Youngest” project at ten daycare centers in the Ludwigshafen and Speyer areas for the high-quality education and supervision of children up to three years old.

International projects

The BASF Stiftung supports youth development projects worldwide through UN-HABITAT’s Urban Youth Fund. To improve the living situations of flood disaster victims in Pakistan in 2010, the BASF Stiftung, together with its partner, UN-HABITAT, assisted the local community in reconstructing destroyed houses in 2012. Since 2012, the foundation has been supporting an entrepreneurial education program together with UNESCO for students in eastern Africa in order to prevent threatening unemployment.

BASF and its employees contributed around €420,000 to the 2012 end-of-year donation campaign. The majority of these contributions went to the BASF Stiftung in support of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) school meals program in Cambodia, which provides children with school meals as well as take-home rations for their families. This ensures better educational opportunities for the children. Further donations support WFP’s fight against hunger worldwide.

In 2012, BASF Corporation donated €195,000 ($250,000) to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund for disaster relief and reconstruction after Hurricane Sandy in the United States. BASF Corporation matched employee donations for relief efforts up to €93,000 ($120,000).

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