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Opportunities with climate protection products

Climate protection products

  • Around €7.2 billion in sales from climate protection products in 2012
  • Organic growth and targeted research expected to further increase sales with climate protection products

In 2012, we generated sales of around €7.2 billion (9% of BASF Group sales) with our climate protection products (2011: €6.7 billion), such as building insulation materials and plastic components for the automotive industry. Organic growth in these product lines and targeted research activities are expected to further increase our sales with climate protection products.

Elastopir®, for example, is an insulation material made of BASF’s polyurethane plastic which helps lower buildings’ heating and cooling needs as well as their energy costs. In the automotive industry, BASF’s plastics Elastoskin® and Elastoflex® contribute to making vehicles lighter and reducing their energy consumption.

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