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Water use

Water in the BASF Group in 2012
(million cubic meters per year)
Water in the BASF Group in 2012 (pie chart)Enlarge image

1 Total from production processes, graywater, rinsing and purification in production
2 The difference between the volume of water supplied and discharged is mainly attributable to evaporation losses during closed-circuit cooling.

We recirculate water as much as possible in order to withdraw less from supply sources. We have recooling plants at our larger sites to reduce the temperature of the cooling water before it is discharged back into a body of water. In 2012, we began construction on a new recooling facility in Ludwigshafen in order to release as little heat as possible into the Rhine River, even at higher production volumes.

The supply, treatment, transportation and recooling of water is associated with a high demand for energy. By applying diverse measures, we aim to keep energy needs as low as possible.

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