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Hazard prevention and site security

With our emergency response concepts, we are prepared for potential incidents. This includes specific emergency response plans for our production facilities. Depending on the situation, we involve joint venture companies, partners and suppliers as well as cities, communities and neighboring companies in this process. Our central emergency response supports local emergency response units around the world and around the clock. In order to even better prevent hazards to safety, security, health and the environment, we implemented a new directive in 2012 which stipulates global guidelines and measures for hazard prevention and emergency response.

Our emergency systems are checked regularly – for example, in drills with our employees, contractors and local authorities. In 2012, we integrated our dispatch centers in Europe even further and included the Schwarzheide site in the emergency response system. This allows us to work more closely across different sites, and to deal with alerts within the network more quickly and reliably.

In 2012, we continued to implement our requirements for preventive measures to protect our sites worldwide from third-party interference, and enhanced our training program for the protection of knowledge and sensitive information. These measures aim to ensure extensive protection for employees and the company against, for example, criminal behavior or the loss of knowledge. Human rights aspects related to site security, such as the right to liberty and security of person, form a part of the global qualification requirements for our security personnel. We verified their implementation in all regions in 2012. We have included the consideration of human rights as a mandatory element in all new contracts with contractors involved in site security. Particularly for investments and projects in emerging markets, we analyze potential risks to the safety, security and health of our employees and base our decision-making on safety and security-related aspects.