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Occupational safety

Lost time injuries per million working hours (Reduction from baseline 2002: –48%)
Lost time injury rate per million working hours (bar chart)Enlarge image

We promote and monitor safety at work through risk assessments, safety rules, seminars and audits. In addition to routine safety briefings, we provided around 13,000 employees with intensive training in occupational safety in 2012. In 2012, 1.7 work-related accidents per million working hours occurred at BASF sites, representing a slight decrease compared with the previous year (2011: 1.9). Compared with baseline 2002, the lost-time injury rate declined by 48%. There were 2.4 work-related accidents per million working hours for contractors in 2012 (2011: 2.4).

Unfortunately, there was one fatal work-related and one fatal commuting accident at BASF SE in 2012. One employee suffered a fatal traffic accident while on a business trip in Kazakhstan in June. In September, an employee died in a traffic accident on the way home from work in Ludwigshafen.

We stick to our ambitious 2020 goal to decrease the rate of work-related accidents by 80% compared with 2002. To do so, we rely especially on the commitment of our employees and on clearly defined safety rules: More than 60,000 employees at around 400 BASF sites took part in our worldwide safety initiative in 2012, participating in workshops and exchanging safety-related experiences. Furthermore, we defined global requirements in 2012 for incident management and implementing regular safety inspections of all facilities and workplaces.