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  • Fungicides, herbicides, insecticides for the protection of plants against fungal diseases, weeds and harmful insects
  • Seed treatments to protect seeds and young plants
  • Products for pest control
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Products, customers and applications



Agricultural Solutions

Indications and sectors





Seed treatments

Pest control



Protecting crops from harmful fungal attacks; improving plant health

Reduction of nutrient and water deprivation caused by weeds

Combating insect pests in agriculture

Treating and protecting seeds and young plants from fungal diseases and harmful insects

Non-agricultural applications: public health, professional pest control, landscape maintenance

Product examples


Products for fungicidal applications: Boscalid, F 500®, Xemium®

Products for plant health: AgCelence® (umbrella brand)

Kixor®, Dicamba, Pendimethalin, Imazamox Topramezone

Fipronil, Alpha-cypermethrin, Chlorfenapyr, Teflubenzuron

Standak® Top, BioStacked®

Termidor® to protect against termite infestation