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  • Catalysts: focus on resource-saving solutions and materials; development of metal organic framework materials for efficient natural gas storage
  • Construction Chemicals: innovative concrete admixtures expand possible uses of concrete
  • Coatings: CathoGuard® 800 coatings protect cars from corrosion and stone chipping damage

Green Sense® Concrete

Performance package for more economical and environmentally friendly concrete

Value for BASF




Annual sales growth

since 2011 in high-
performance concrete admixtures in North America



Value for the environment



Fewer greenhouse gas emissions

since 2011 through the use of Green Sense® concrete in North America

Value for BASF

Demand is growing for systems for sustainable construction. With Green Sense® Concrete, we offer a unique performance package that enables our customers to optimize their concrete mixtures with regard to environmental friendliness, performance and production costs. This also pays off for BASF: In North America, we increased our sales of high-performance concrete admixtures by an average of 15% per year in 2011 and 2012.


Value for the environment

Thanks to our expertise in concrete technology, we can formulate concrete mixtures for our customers that contain a high proportion of recycled materials. This significantly decreases the carbon footprint and environmental impact of buildings. Since 2011, the use of Green Sense® Concrete in North America has led to savings of around 24% in greenhouse gases and approximately 23% in energy in the production process compared with conventional concrete mixtures.

Functional Solutions: In the Catalysts division, we have a research and development platform that is unique in the industry. We continuously expand our technological leadership through process and product innovations. In doing so, our focus is on the development of solutions and materials which save resources and can fulfill increasingly strict exhaust regulations. With MOF 210, we have developed a metal organic framework (MOF) that lends itself to efficient natural gas storage in vehicles thanks to its particularly large surface area. The highly porous crystal with the volume and weight of a sugar cube has the surface area of two soccer fields. In addition to storing natural gas, MOFs can also be applied in gas separation and purification.

Construction Chemicals aligns its research and development activities with local customers’ needs and construction industry trends. Cost and resource efficiency are the focus of the division’s research. Our new concrete admixtures in the Glenium® and Pozzolith® product lines improve the properties and increase the application possibilities of concrete that contains a high proportion of materials like fly ash and slag instead of cement. This kind of concrete is more environmentally friendly, as fewer natural resources are used in its production and less CO2 is released.

In the Coatings division, we continually work on developing innovative coating systems and intelligent solutions in order to contribute to our customers’ success. Our new CathoGuard®  800 coating protects car surfaces, edges and cavities from corrosion and stone chipping damage. Unlike most conventional varnishes, CathoGuard® 800 contains no tin and very few solvents. Furthermore, CathoGuard® 800 releases no hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), making it “HAPs-free” in accordance with U.S. environmental regulations. CathoGuard®  800 is already being used by several automobile manufacturers since it is ideal for integrated coating processes and compatible with the most modern pretreatment methods.