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Segment profile

Exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas;
Trading, transport and storage of natural gas

BASF’s oil and gas activities are bundled in the Wintershall Group. Wintershall and its subsidiaries operate in the business sectors Exploration & Production and Natural Gas Trading.


  • Oil and gas activities bundled into Wintershall Group
  • Pursuit of our growth strategy through exploration, targeted acquisitions, strategic partnerships, expansion of technical expertise
  • Important contribution to securing Europe’s natural gas supply

Meeting the sharply increasing energy demands of a growing world population is one of the central global challenges. Natural gas and crude oil will continue to be important sources of energy in the future. That is why we invest in the exploration and production of oil and gas, concentrating on Europe, North Africa, South America and Russia as our main production regions. We are also increasingly active in the Middle East and the Caspian Sea region.

We aim to grow by means of innovative technologies as well as through selected cooperations. In 2012, we began a collaboration with ADNOC, the national oil company of Abu Dhabi. This is an important step for us toward a greater presence in the Middle East. Furthermore, we have agreed on the acquisition of three producing fields in the Norwegian North Sea as part of an asset swap with Statoil. This transaction, planned for the middle of 2013, will considerably strengthen our exploration and production activities there.

In 2012, we likewise continued to develop our collaboration with Gazprom, our partner for many years. As part of an asset swap, we will receive 25% plus one share in two additional blocks of the Achimov Formation in the Urengoy Field in Western Siberia in 2013, subject to approval by the appropriate authorities. In return, Gazprom will receive Wintershall’s share of the natural gas trading and storage business – which was previously jointly operated – as well as a share of 50% in Wintershall Noordzee B.V. In this way, we continue to advance our joint production at the well head.

Importing natural gas through pipelines will be of great significance in securing Europe’s supply in the future, as well; therefore, in addition to the exploration and production of gas in and around Europe, we also contribute to the creation of the necessary transport infrastructure.

Handling crude oil and natural gas requires special measures for the protection of people and the environment. Aware of this responsibility, we carefully inspect the potential impact before the start of our activities. Together with experts, contractors and relevant stakeholders, we develop methods and implement measures to be able to use resources even more efficiently and minimize the impact on the environment. In so doing, we act in accordance with international agreements, local regulations and our own high standards. Information relevant to the principles of the Global Compact

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Capital expenditures



Total capacity



BOE = Barrel oil equivalent


Year of startup


Construction of NEL onshore pipeline link to Nord Stream pipeline

20 billion m3

2012 2/2013

Jemgum, Germany

Startup and expansion of natural gas storage facility

approx. 1 billion m3

2013 2/2016

North Sea, Norway

Development of Knarr field

20 million BOE1

2014 2


Development of Maria field

20 million BOE1

2017 2


Development of Edvard Grieg (Luno) field

30 million BOE1

2015 2

Siberia, Russia

Achimgaz, development of Achimov horizon in the Urengoy gas and condensate field

70 million BOE1

2008 2/2018