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  • Cetiol® RLF: light emollient based on renewable resources for cosmetic products
  • Emgard® Wind: high-performance and environmentally friendly gear lubricant for wind turbines
  • Compostable drinking cups with ecovio® FS Paper
  • Cost-effective production of highly concentrated omega-3 fatty acids
  • Irgaphor® Red: innovative color pigments for screens

Kollicoat® IR tablet coatings

Easily and efficiently processed tablet coatings for the pharmaceutical industry

Value for BASF




Growth in annual sales volumes

from 2008 to 2012

Value for our customers

Up to


Lower costs

for tablet coating material and processing

Value for BASF

In the past five years, we have increased annual sales volumes of Kollicoat® IR by 25% on average. Kollicoat® IR makes tablets more resistant to environmental influences, such as heat or moisture. Yet they still dissolve perfectly in the stomach, releasing the active ingredients contained in the tablet.

Value for our customers

Compared with conventional tablet coatings, Kollicoat® IR can be much more simply and quickly processed – reducing coating time, for example. At the same time, much less material is required for a proper tablet coating. Our customers thus save up to 60% of their costs.

The success of the Performance Products segment is driven by product innovations. To this end, we focus on customer needs and market trends. We view sustainability as an opportunity to create value for customers and society using chemistry. With the acquisition of Cognis in 2010, we expanded our technology portfolio with expertise in the use of renewable resources. Cetiol® RLF, for example, is the first light emollient for cosmetic products that is obtained using an enzymatic process and is based entirely on renewable raw materials. As an ingredient in cosmetic formulations, Cetiol® RLF ensures that the emulsion spreads easily and makes the skin feel light and pleasant. This product is especially suitable for sensitive skin.

Modern wind turbines demand a lot from their gear lubricants. With Emgard® Wind, we have developed an innovative high-performance gear lubricant oil that is also environmentally friendly: It not only protects heavy-duty components especially well from friction and corrosion damage, it is also made of more than 50% biodegradable ingredients.

The expertise of the Paper Chemicals and Performance Polymers divisions worked in optimal combination to develop the biopolymer ecovio® FS Paper – an exemplary demonstration of how we create value as one company. ecovio®  FS Paper is entirely biodegradable, adheres very well to paper or cardboard and forms a barrier against oils, water-based liquids and flavors. Our customers can use it to produce compostable cups for warm or cold drinks, replacing traditional polyethylene coatings.

With the aid of a unique technology, we can produce highly concentrated omega-3 fatty acids at our new site in Callanish, Scotland. Highly concentrated omega-3 fatty acids are used in medicines to treat heart attacks and elevated blood lipids. Studies have also shown that these essential fatty acids can have a positive effect on, for example, heart health and mental fitness when taken as a dietary supplement and can therefore contribute to improving quality of life. Our innovative technology enables a cost-effective concentration of fatty acids with extraordinarily high purity.

Flat screens in mobile phones, laptops and modern televisions have become part of our daily life. BASF’s color pigments, such as the newest generation of Irgaphor® Red pigments, determine the contrast ratio, brightness and color purity of these liquid crystal displays. The red pigments are also impressive in their very high temperature stability, which is important in the production of display screens. We will continue to work on improving the pigments’ transparency in order to further reduce loss of light and therefore the energy consumption of mobile electronic devices and televisions.