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  • Substantially broadened range of engineering plastics for applications that come into contact with food and drinking water
  • ecovio® Mulch: biodegradable plastic for agricultural films
  • Concept refrigerator coolpure 1.0 demonstrates diverse possible uses for polyurethane

Elastoflex® E-Systems

Lighter components in vehicle trunks with intelligent polyurethane systems

Value for BASF

From 2012 to 2016



Annual sales growth

for Elastoflex® E-Systems in their main application in vehicle trunks

Value for our customers



Weight reduction

while maintaining excellent mechanics and functional integration

Value for BASF

More and more, our Elastoflex® E-systems are replacing conventional materials like wood and reinforced thermoplastics in vehicle trunks. The market for these systems has grown by double-digit percentage rates in the last five years. We aim to raise our sales with Elastoflex® E-systems by around 15% each year from 2012 to 2016.

Value for our customers

Lighter components play a crucial role in decreasing automotive emissions. With their intelligent combination of fiberglass, polyurethane and paper honeycomb, Elastoflex® E-systems are around 40% lighter than the materials which are normally used. In addition to their excellent mechanical properties, polyurethane systems also allow the easy integration of special features into the floor of the trunk, such as retaining rings or slots for attachments.

In 2012, we developed numerous innovative products and applications for customers in a wide variety of sectors. We now offer a substantially broadened range of engineering plastics which are approved for applications that come into contact with food and drinking water. The demanding requirements for these plastics include very low migration values and a high level of taste neutrality. The products from our Ultramid®, Ultradur® and Ultraform® lines whose names include the additional Aqua® brand can be used in shower heads, water meters and pipe joint fittings.

We have expanded our line of biodegradable plastics with the addition of ecovio® Mulch, a grade that can be used in the manufacture of mulch films for agriculture. Unlike conventional agricultural films, films made of ecovio® Mulch can be simply plowed under after the harvest without needing to be laboriously collected, cleaned, disposed of or recycled.

With coolpure 1.0, we have developed a concept refrigerator that is made entirely of polyurethane. Thanks to the versatility of this material, we have successfully combined functionality and material innovations with a futuristic design. For example, surfaces made of polyurethane can be produced in any form and color. The combination of different polyurethane materials also allows for modifications in the construction style, which enables already-efficient appliances to improve their energy efficiency by up to 4%. A total of ten different polyurethane materials were built into the concept refrigerator.