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6 – Functional costs

Under the cost-of-sales method, functional costs incurred by the operating functions are determined on the basis of cost center accounting. The functional costs contain in particular the personnel costs, depreciation and amortization accumulated on the underlying final cost centers as well as allocated costs within the cost accounting cycle. Operating expenses that cannot be allocated to the functional costs are reported as other operating expenses.

Cost of sales

Cost of sales includes all production and purchase costs of the Company’s own products as well as merchandise which have been sold in the period.

Selling expenses

Selling expenses include in particular marketing and advertising costs, freight costs, packaging costs, distribution management costs, commissions and licensing costs.

General and administrative expenses

General and administrative expenses primarily include the costs of the central units, the costs of managing business units and divisions as well as costs of general management, the Board of Executive Directors and the Supervisory Board.

Research and development expenses

Research and development expenses contain the costs arising in research projects as well as the necessary license fees for the research activities.