End-of-service benefits

In the event that a member of the Board of Executive Directors retires from employment before the age of 60, either because their appointment was not extended or was revoked for an important reason, they are entitled to pension benefits if they have served on the Board for at least ten years or if the time needed to reach legal retirement age is less than ten years. The company is entitled to offset compensation received for any other work done against pension benefits until the legal retirement age is reached.

The following applies to end of service due to a change-of-control event: A change-of-control event, in terms of this provision, occurs when a shareholder informs BASF of a shareholding of at least 25%, or the increase of such a holding.

If a Board member’s appointment is revoked within one year following a change-of-control event, the Board member will receive the contractually agreed payments for the remaining contractual term of office as a one-off payment (fixed compensation and variable bonus). Furthermore, the Board member may receive the fair value of the option rights acquired in connection with the LTI program within a period of three months or may continue to hold the existing rights under the terms of the program. For the determination of the accrued pension benefits from the “Board Performance Pension,” the time up to the regular expiry of office is taken into consideration. There is a general limit on severance pay (severance payment cap) for all Board members. Accordingly, payments made to a Board member upon premature termination of their contract, without serious cause, may not exceed the value of two years’ compensation nor compensate more than the remaining term of the contract. The severance payment cap is to be calculated on the basis of the total compensation for the past full financial year and, if appropriate, also the expected total compensation for the current financial year. If the appointment to the Board of Executive Directors is prematurely terminated as the result of a change of control, the payments may not exceed 150% of the severance compensation cap.

Former members of the Board of Executive Directors

Total compensation for previous Board members and their surviving dependents amounted to €10.5 million in 2013 (2012: €23.7 million). This figure also contains payments that previous Board members have themselves financed through the deferred compensation program and personnel expense for the year 2013 relating to options that previous members of the Board still hold from the time of their active service period.

The continuation of the options that have not yet been exercised at the time of retirement, along with the continuation of the associated holding period for individual investment in BASF shares under the conditions of the program, is intended in order to particularly emphasize how sustainability is incorporated into the compensation for the Board members. Pension provisions for previous Board members and their surviving dependents amounted to €131.8 million (2012: €142.3 million).