• Two acquisitions strengthen our presence in growth market for enzymes
  • Acquisition of Pronova BioPharma ASA concluded
  • Assets acquired from Statoil ASA

In 2013, we received €1,511 million worth of tangible fixed assets through acquisitions. Additions to intangible assets including goodwill amounted to €1,158 million.

We boosted our presence in the growth market for enzymes in 2013 through two acquisitions in particular. To strengthen BASF’s position as a supplier of important ingredients for the detergents and cleaners industry, we purchased the enzyme technology for detergents and cleaners from Henkel AG & Co. KGaA. The transaction comprised production hosts, various detergent enzymes, and the corresponding intellectual property. Enzymes are essential components in modern detergent and cleaner formulations. The activities have been integrated into the Care Chemicals division.

In addition, we acquired all shares in the San Diego, California-based Verenium Corporation. Verenium Corporation develops and markets high-quality enzymes which, as catalysts, enable and accelerate biological and chemical processes. The business has been allocated to the Performance Products segment as well as to Other.

In addition, we concluded a series of transactions in 2013 that had been announced in the previous year. In January 2013, we acquired Pronova BioPharma ASA, a company headquartered in Lysaker, Norway, which researches, develops and produces highly concentrated omega-3 fatty acids. The purchase price amounted to €526 million. With this acquisition, we aim to take a leading position in the global market for omega-3 fatty acids. Pronova BioPharma’s business has been grouped into a global business unit of the Nutrition & Health division, together with our previous activities in this field. We now offer our customers the complete range of omega-3 fatty acids in various concentrations.

In March 2013, we completed the acquisition of parts of Ciech Group’s TDI business. The acquisition largely comprised intellectual property rights and the customer list. TDI is used primarily in furniture and automotive industry applications. The acquired business has been integrated into the Monomers division.

We concluded the acquisition of assets from Statoil ASA, headquartered in Stavanger, Norway, in July 2013. The transaction included the acquisition of shares in the Brage (32.7%), Vega (30%) and Gjøa (15%) fields. The daily production of Wintershall in Norway thus increased from around 3,000 barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) to just under 40,000 BOE. As part of the transaction, Statoil is receiving a 15% share in the Edvard Grieg development project from Wintershall as well as a financial consideration. The transaction was concluded with retroactive commercial effect as of January 1, 2013. The purchase price amounted to €853 million; the net payment was €588 million.