Product stewardship

  • Global directives with uniformly high standards
  • Global product strategy workshops conducted with chemical industry representatives in Bulgaria, Chile, the Gulf States, India, Russia and South Korea
  • Second registration phase of REACH concluded

We review the safety of our products from research to production and finally to our customers’ use of the pro-ducts. We work continually to ensure that our products pose no risk to people or the environment when they are used responsibly and in the manner intended.

Stations along the value chain

The graphic depicts the different stations along the value chain. The topics in this chapter address the station shown in dark green. (here: Production, Customers)


We ensure uniformly high standards for product stewardship worldwide and our voluntary initiatives go beyond legal requirements. We monitor the implementation of our guidelines with regular audits.

We provide extensive information on our chemical products to our customers and the public with safety data sheets in more than 30 languages. This is achieved with the help of a global database in which we maintain and evaluate continuously updated environmental, health and safety data for our substances and products. Our global emergency hotline network provides information around the clock.

We offer our customers needs-based training in the safe use of our products, such as plastics for sensitive applications like food packaging. We continually work together with our customers on optimizing our products, keeping an eye on consumer protection criteria, as well. Furthermore, we use our Eco-Efficiency Analysis to advise our customers on the evaluation of product risks and support them in improving the CO2 footprint of their products.

With our global goals for risk assessment, we are supporting the implementation of initiatives such as the Global Product Strategy (GPS) of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA). GPS is establishing worldwide standards and best practices to improve the safe management of chemical substances. In addition, we are also involved in workshops and training seminars in developing countries and emerging markets. In 2013, for example, we instructed chemical industry representatives on GPS in Bulgaria, Chile, the Gulf States, India, Russia and South Korea. In order to facilitate public access to information, we were involved in the setup of an ICCA online portal providing around 430 GPS safety summaries.