Segment profile

The Agricultural Solutions segment consists of the Crop Protection division. We develop and produce innovative solutions for the improvement of crop health and yields, and market them worldwide.

BASF Plant Science, whose data is reported in Other, conducts research in the field of plant biotechnology.


  • Contribution to feeding growing world population
  • Long-term innovation strategy ensures future growth
  • Investments in core and growth markets
  • Structural integration of Becker Underwood completed and Functional Crop Care global business unit established
  • Development of solutions that go beyond conventional crop protection measures

Crop Protection – Strategy

Our strategy has been developed based on long-term market trends. One challenge for sustainable development is ensuring enough food for a growing world population. To do this, we need to increase crop yields. Since arable farmland is limited, innovations are essential here. We therefore rely on a long-term innovation strategy to secure our future growth. We offer our customers a broad portfolio of integrated solutions and continually invest in our development pipeline in order to create innovations in chemistry and biology. Our research and development activities focus on solutions ranging from soil to seeds and crops. We are intensifying our investment in growth markets and continuing to expand our good position in our core markets. Information relevant to the principles of the Global Compact

In October 2013, we concluded the structural integration of the businesses acquired from Becker Underwood at the end of 2012. The Functional Crop Care global business unit was established in the course of the acquisition. In addition to products for seed enhancement and innovations for better soil management, Functional Crop Care will also provide technologies that make plants more resistant to stress factors such as heat, cold and nutrient deficiency. These solutions strengthen the health of crops, thus going beyond conventional crop protection. In addition, we will continue to enhance our partnerships with seed companies, also benefiting from the technological competence of BASF Plant Science.

We work together with different BASF divisions to develop the best solutions for our customers, helping farmers secure and increase their yields.


In 2013, we invested €300 million in property, plant and equipment. A major portion of this total consisted of investments to expand production capacity for our F 500® fungicide as well as for an important precursor for the new fungicide Xemium®. Furthermore, we increased our sites’ research and development capacities, especially with the expansion of our research facility in Raleigh, North Carolina. In order to fully meet ongoing high demand for our innovative products in the future, we will invest around €1.8 billion in developing and expanding our production of active ingredients between 2014 and 2018. This includes the capacity expansion planned for our F 500® and Xemium® fungicides in Germany as well as for the Dicamba and Kixor® herbicides produced in the United States.